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About Us

Up on the Opal Oak Summit, these East Tennessee hills seem to roll on forever, an endless, pristine landscape stretching from sunrise to sunset that’s breathtaking to behold.


When we found this place, we knew we couldn’t keep it for ourselves. And because we know that a meaningful, memorable wedding is the foundation stone for a beautiful and lasting marriage, what better way to share it than through a destination designed specifically for that purpose?


We’re proud to introduce the Opal Oak Summit Wedding and Event Center, located in Oakdale, Tennessee, a community of 200 people in rural Morgan County. The property is the stuff of East Tennessee lore, a farm of cornfields as far as the eye could see during the Great Depression, some of it used to make the moonshine for which this area is famous. In the 1950s, farm operations stopped, and the land slowly returned to nature.


When the Wilson brothers — Chad and his wife, Kelli, and Dillon and his wife, Mikhaila, first discovered it, it was a wild place with thick groves of trees crowding the summit, but when the two couples stepped to the edge of the tree line, they knew they’d found something special. Together, they set out to transform it into Opal Oak Summit Wedding and Event Center, and today, they cordially invite you to take advantage of it for your weddings, your family reunions, your retreats, and any other gathering that demands a little something extra.


At Opal Oak Summit, that “extra” is everywhere, from the sky to the land to the air. It may not be heaven, but by East Tennessee standards, it’s right next door.

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